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Sunday, November 05, 2006

Minutes November 2006

On October 20, 2006 the NJAECTE fall meeting was held. Members approved a motion to support NYAECTE efforts regarding teacher certification. The Spring 2007 meeting will be held on March 23rd. Read the minutes:

Members enjoyed a luncheon at Rutgers Club. An affiliate business meeting was also conducted. Identified topics for future meetings include NCATE/TEAC related issues, preparing teacher educators to teach English Language Learners and working with multilingual college students. Elections were held. Results were: Holly Seplocha as secretary, Matt Caulfield as Treasurer, Members at Large: Arti Joshi and Theresa Caputo.

The 2007 NJAECTE conference will be on June 1. General framework for conference was discussed as well as possible speakers. Additional conference committee members were selected.

State News:
Approximately 15 NJAECTE members presented at the recent NJAEYC conference that was held in Atlantic City, New Jersey.

New Jersey Educational Association (NJEA) will hold its annual convention in November. All public school faculty and administration are invited to attend and most NJ colleges and universities are actively involved in the NJEA conference.

In June 2006, Amy Gelnaw assumed the position of Executive Director of New Jersey Professional Development Center.

Training and implementation of Early Learning Assessment System (ELAS) continues. ELAS is based on the latest research on development and learning in young children and is fully aligned with the Preschool Teaching and Learning Expectations: Standards of Quality.

The NJ DOE continues to work on developing a similar assessment system for Mathematics. This work has been presented at conferences.



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