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Saturday, February 24, 2007

Register to participate in the NJAECTE blog

A blog is very similar to a webpage with a few key differences--most importantly a blog is intended to be a two-way communication tool. I encourage members and friends to become active in our blog by regularly reading the blog and submitting comments.

Our blog was created on E-blogger. E-blogger does not allow anonymous comments. Rather, to add comments to a blog you must register with e-blogger. Registration takes about two minutes and does not ask for personal information. Below are directions for registering with e-blogger.

1. go to https://beta.blogger.com/start_
2. click on “create your blog now”_
3. fill in form _
4. click “continue”_
5. You are done creating an account.

6. Type our blog address (http://njaecte.blogspot.com/) in the URL box to view blog
7. Add comments to a blog entry by _clicking on the blue comment link on the right.
NOTE: At step 5, the page seems to suggest that you must create your own blog. However, you do not need to create a _blog as part of the registration process.


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