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Wednesday, March 28, 2007

March Member Meeting: Minutes

NJAECTE Membership Meeting Minutes: March 23, 2007

Following lunch, meeting was called to order by President, Jody Eberly, at the Rutgers Club at 1:15. To read rest of report click on "read more link" below

Jody Eberly, Grace Ibanez Friedman, Holly Seplocha, Janis Strasser, Matt Caulfield, Arlene Martin, Blythe Hinitz, Sharon Ryan, Joanne Taylor, Muriel Rand, Mary Lynn Townsley, Kara Ahmed, Theresa Caputo, Nanci Fansanella, Pia Moore, Sylvia Pfeffer, Lauretta Freeman, Leah Kissick, Nancy Lauter, Carrie Lobman, Cynthia Rice (Guest), Suzanna Kaplan (Guest), Anthony Calandrillo (Guest)

President’s Report:
Jody Eberly called for Board member reports eliminating reports from VP’s.

Secretary’s Report:
Holly Seplocha distributed copies of the minutes of the October, 20 2006 meeting. Janis made a motion to accept, seconded by Blythe. Minutes were approved.

Treasurer’s Report:
Matt Caulfield reported that we have received the check from National for $540 from last year’s dues and noted thanks to Ken Counselman for his assistance. He reminded all that today’s luncheon meeting was $25.00 and to please give him checks before leaving.

Parliamentarian Report:
No report.

Member at Large:
Theresa distributed meeting minutes from the Child Care Advisory Council and noted the Cynthia Rice’s presentation to us to day was also presented at CCAC. She informed that the NJ PDC has been discussing re-branding. She read an email from Aimee Gelnaw that noted the new name would be Professional Impact New Jersey – Advocating Growth for Early Childhood Educators. She also noted that on May 31 at 7:30 pm there would be a celebration of the PDC’s 10th Anniversary.

Old Business
Awards Report:
Blythe reported that the committee had had discussions electronically and determined that the awards should be presented every other year instead of annually. She noted that this would give ample time to encourage nominations, and that awards would be presented in Spring 2008.

Conference Report:
Holly reported on the status of the conference.
Date: June 1, 2007 at Rutgers Newark – Paul Robeson center, 4 rooms reserved.
Stacie Goffin has agreed to keynote. Theme for the conference is Leadership.
NY is unable to co-sponsor the conference with us.
Tentative Agenda:
9:30-10 coffee/reg
10:00 – 11 sessions (2-3 choices or 2 choices + roundtables)
11:15-12:15 sessions (2-3 choices or 2 choices + posters)
12:15 – 1:15 Lunch
1:15- 2:30 Keynote
She noted Janis subcommittee had developed an RFP for presentations and Janis distributed. She will email it to Dina to email to NJ & NY members. Deadline for proposals is April 20.

Discussion was held regarding registration fees. Fees were decided to be $25 for students, $50 for presenters, $75 for everyone else. After 5/18, fee will be $85 for all. This encourages people to register early and allows us to have a good sense of attendance. It was also agreed that there would be no refunds as registration materials will not go our until end of April. Information will also be posted on our blog at www.njaecte.blogspot.com.

Dina has made arrangements thru Kean for an online registration system. This will allow participants to register online, pay via credit card, check or PO. They will also generate a list of attendees and name tags for the conference as well. They will also send confirmations to registrants. Kean is underwriting the cost, so there will be no cost to our association. The only drawback is that we will need to wait until all payments have cleared before we receive check. As we will need to pay Rutgers for food costs, as well as Stacie, Dina is investigating if it is possible for us to receive a partial check prior to the conference of fees received to date. Holly will discuss costs with Matt to see if we have sufficient funds to allow us to cover costs while waiting for the check from Cvent.

Lastly, Holly noted that all of us need to help publicize the event and encouraged all to feel free to forward registration flyer to all and any email lists they have access to.

New Business
Elections will be held in June. Jody invited anyone interested in any of the positions up (VP membership; VP program-President elect) for election to notify Muriel.

Blythe shared information about OMEP, an international association concerned with early childhood issues worldwide. She noted they will be sponsoring the World Congress this summer in Mexico City.
She distributed information on membership. Information on the US chapter can be found at their website HYPERLINK "http://omep-usnc.org" http://omep-usnc.org

Nancy distributed information about an upcoming conference on April 5 at Montclair. Holly announced that Janis has been promoted to full professor at WPU.

Cynthia Rice, ACNJ made an informative presentation on research her organization has been conducting on transitioning entitled: Building Strong Rungs to Build Sturdy Ladders: The Status of Preschool – 3rd Grade Systems in New Jersey.

Next meeting date: Conference - June 1, 2007

Meeting Adjourned at 2:30.

Respectfully submitted,

Holly Seplocha



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