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Sunday, May 06, 2007


NAECTE Fall Conference
November 7, 2007
Chicago, Illinois
Pre-Conference Session with NAEYC

Submission Deadline: June 15, 2007

Conference Theme: Advocacy and Policy

Session Formats (Note: All sessions will be 1 hour in length):

1. Paper Session—Papers may present relevant research, curriculum highlights, teaching strategies, policy issues, etc. Please be specific. Please note that papers will be presented in a round-table format.

2. Poster Session—Posters may present relevant research, curriculum highlights, teaching strategies, policy issues, etc. Please be specific.

3. ResearchNet Discussion— ResearchNets are designed to support collaborative research among NAECTE members. ResearchNet discussions provide a forum to create ResearchNet groups, report current ResearchNet group progress (e.g., problem, methodology, findings, implications), and generate ideas for improving/expanding current ResearchNet group work.

Submission Guidelines:
All proposals undergo a blind review process and will be evaluated on overall quality. Please submit 1 electronic copy of:

1. Cover Page including:
A. Title of Presentation
B. Contact information (i.e., name, affiliation, mailing address, phone number and e-mail
address) for all presenters. Presenters will be contacted via e-mail when possible.
C. Please indicate if presenters are doctoral candidates or new members of NAECTE.
D. Proposed Session Format.

2. Proposal Description (1 page maximum) including:
A. Title of Presentation
B. Proposed Session Format
C. Abstract
D. Benefits to NAECTE participants

Send Proposals to:
Candace Jaruszewicz at jaruszewiczc@cofc.edu and copy to Paula McMurray-Schwarz at mcmurray@ohio.edu.

Electronic Submission Directions:
When submitting your proposal electronically, please enter the words “NAECTE CONFERENCE SUBMISSION” on the subject line. You will receive an e-mail that verifies that your proposal has been received by NAECTE. If you do not receive an electronic verification within 24 hours of submission, please contact Candace Jaruszewicz at (843)-953-5606 to alert us that there is an e-mail problem.

Submission Deadline:

Questions about Proposals:
Direct questions about the proposal process via e-mail to jaruszewiczc@cofc.edu.

Questions about Conference:
Direct questions about the conference via e-mail to mcmurray@ohio.edu.

Proposal Review Panel:
If you are interested in serving as a proposal reviewer, please submit your name, address, phone, fax, and e-mail address to Candace Jaruszewicz at jaruszewiczc@cofc.edu. We are updating our review panel database, so only those who indicate interest will be contacted to do reviews

Authors’ Table:
If you have published a book within the last two years and would like to have it displayed at the conference, please send a complete citation of the book to mcmurray@ohio.edu . Authors are responsible for providing copies of their books for display.

Committee Meetings:
If your NAECTE committee would like to meet during the conference, please contact Paula McMurray-Schwarz via e-mail at mcmurray@ohio.edu. Be sure to include the names of all committee members to facilitate efficient scheduling.

Position Announcements:
We will publish position announcements in the printed program at the cost of $50.00 each. Send an electronic version of the position announcement to mcmurray@ohio.edu and a paper copy to Paula McMurray-Schwarz, NAECTE VP Conferences, 45425 National Rd., St. Clairsville, OH, 43950. Please make the check payable to NAECTE and mail it to Jim Hoot, NAECTE Treasurer, 6505 Poplar Hill Ln., E. Amherst, NY, 14051 – jhoot@buffalo.edu.

Housing and Registration:
Please refer to the NAEYC website – www.naeyc.org or Young Children - for information about housing and registration. You are encouraged to pay NAEYC registration fees to attend the NAECTE conference. In addition, there may be a small materials/food fee for the NAECTE Conference. More information will be available in the near future. Please check the NAECTE website – www.naecte.org - for the preliminary program.



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